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"Why Architects Matter" with Professor Flora Samuel

“Public disappointment in architects is founded on the belief that architects have a collective ethical responsibility for public good”

Prof Flora Samuel’s book ‘Why Architects Matter’ has landed with a resounding thud, and been welcomed as a new manifesto for design professionals – one that renews the call to action for anyone interested in a better built environment.

Hear how design professionals must urgently develop a 21st century evidence-based approach to communicating their work to those outside the field. At a time when ever greater competition is seeing professional fees – and standing – being reduced, Samuel argues architects must prove value at every level. So how can demonstrating the impact and value of their work strengthen a practitioners’ ability to pitch for work and access new funding streams? Samuel’s work will interest architects, architecture students and anyone with an interest in our built environment and the role of design professionals in making it better.

Speaker: Professor Flora Samuel


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