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Insight: Fluid Cities

“Urban design within a complex city can be understood as a kind of ‘urban choreography’, not a micromanagement of the form or the life of the city, but a practice of framing, shepherding, enabling and constraining.” - Kim Dovey (Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Melbourne).

In conjunction with Right Angle Studio and as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival, Insight considers the role of architects, data scientists, placemakers, urban planners, sustainability experts and policy makers to keep our cities connected, considered, and liveable.

In the face of increasing density, diversity and demand, we consider how cities can be more “fluid”, more organic and adaptive, surging and receding in step with the changing needs of its inhabitants. We also ask how movement flow can be improved across and between cities, and how to create compelling and functional public and private spaces where people can pool and gather. 

Helping us to understand the role of design, planning and good policy in managing the ebbs and flows of a city in flux are panel guests Philip Vivian, Director, Bates Smart; Kim Crestani, Director, Order Architects; and Bruce Taper, Director, Kinesis.

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